Insurance Representation

DiTomasso & DiTomasso vast practical experience representing the insurance industry has enabled our offices to be sensitive to this industry’s particular concerns, while providing the necessary personal attention to each client and to each file.

Many insurance providers have re-evaluated their traditional avenues of obtaining legal services; and successfully attained savings and better managed their legal costs through a combined use of in-house legal departments, inter-company arbitration and the use of independent law firms. This combination has offered the insurance industry a way to minimize costs of legal representation without sacrificing quality.

DiTomasso & DiTomasso provides legal representation to the insurance industry at market competitive rates, whether the matter is handled on a contingency fee basis based upon a percentage of the gross recovery; upon an agreed hourly rate; or based upon an alternative mutually agreeable fee structure.

A primary service of the attorneys at DiTomasso & DiTomasso is the representation of insurance companies, both in the plaintiff’s subrogation aspect of their business and in the defense of varied claims made against their insureds.

Aetna Life and Casualty in l969 became the firm’s first subrogation client. In that first year, DiTomasso & DiTomasso handled over one hundred Aetna matters. In ensuing years, our Aetna caseload expanded annually. During our representation, the firm has managed 5,400 files and has filed recordings for each with the New York State Office of Court Administration.

In l972, Chubb Group of Insurance Companies selected DiTomasso & DiTomasso to be one of its subrogation representatives. As with Aetna, our history of Chubb representation has been marked by volume expansion attributable to our favorable recovery record and personal service. DiTomasso & DiTomasso has been involved in the litigation of over 1,800 Chubb subrogation files.

In 1982, American Mutual Insurance Company retained the Firm on 275 subrogation files; all processed to conclusion; and thereafter in 1985, Continental Loss Adjusting Services, Inc. also selected the offices of DiTomasso & DiTomasso as subrogation counsel on designated matters.

In 1991, IFA Insurance Company retained DiTomasso & DiTomasso to handle both subrogation actions and the defense of various claims instituted against their insureds.

At present, the total numbers of plaintiff’s subrogation matters processed by the offices of DiTomasso & DiTomasso, and currently on file with the Office of Court Administration, exceeds 7,875 cases.

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