Civil Litigation

No one really wants to go to Court, but sometimes you must.

The attorneys at DiTomasso & DiTomasso are experienced and ready to help you hold others accountable; and to help defend against claims wrongfully made against you.

For over 50 years the DiTomasso attorneys have helped individuals and companies, both large and small, in various types of civil litigation. Whether your civil action involves negligence, breach of contract, fraud, libel/slander, misrepresentation or any determination of what your rights are, DiTomasso & DiTomasso is ready to help.

Our experience in civil litigation, spanning over 50 years has enabled the attorneys at DiTomasso & DiTomasso to handle thousands of claims, recovering millions of dollars in contract and property damages, on behalf of our clients.

DiTomasso & DiTomasso attorneys have also had the pleasure of defending our clients, protecting reputations, finances and honor. Sometimes claims, no matter how outrageous, cannot (or should not) be ignored. Helping clients resolve tough situations is a practice that has been learned over 50 years of conflict resolution.

If everyone did the “right thing” there would be no need for civil litigation; but until they do, let the DiTomasso attorneys help you.