Business Law & Professional Services

There is no disputing that it is good for your business to have a long-term, working relationship with an attorney who will take the time to understand your business and appreciate your needs.

DiTomasso & DiTomasso is available to act as counsel for small and mid-sized businesses. As a family business we are aware of, and have often experienced, issues which our clients are faced with. DiTomasso & DiTomasso understands what our clients need from us, namely reasonable billing practices, prompt answers to inquiries, and a generally pleasant experience in the receipt of legal counsel.

The attorneys at DiTomasso & DiTomasso have experience with a variety of business issues including claims involving contract disputes, insurance, construction, operating agreements, licensing, finance and real estate matters. DiTomasso & DiTomasso provides entrepreneurs and small to mid-sized business owners many of the benefits of a large law firm, while maintaining the efficiencies and personal attention of a smaller firm, helping our clients with a wide variety of services, inclusive of, but not limited to:

  • Business and corporate formation
  • Drafting, review, negotiation and administration of contracts
  • Purchases and acquisitions
  • Drafting and enforcing contracts
  • Property and real estate transactions
  • Buy and sell agreements
  • Succession planning
  • Licensing
  • Finance
  • Litigation services

At DiTomasso & DiTomasso we work to understand your business because each entity and each client has its unique characteristics. A vital part of our practice entails analyzing and soliciting the type of entity (sole proprietorship, corporation, LLC, etc.) which best suits the needs of the particular client. Business services, inclusive of preventative legal maintenance, provided by an attorney who understands your industry and appreciates your business is essential in today’s business climate. Our goal is to structure and pursue legal and business strategies that don’t just prevent problems or maintain compliance with business requirements; we want to help you advance your business.

Business owners know that poorly drafted contracts, vague understandings, presumptions and even the threat of disputes, are all time consuming and costly. When providing business legal services, DiTomasso & DiTomasso can bring over five decades of knowledge and experience in legal services, real estate, insurance, banking, estates succession and litigation to our individual and corporate clients; services that are often tailored to save our clients’ time and money, while minimizing our clients’ exposure to negative legal or financial implications. For companies that are forced to routinely out source legal matters, our services are designed on a more personal level than those provided by law departments of large law firms; and we have the ability to customize working arrangements for your particular situation. We also have the flexibility to engage in the active involvement of outside counsel in day-to-day legal matters as needed for quicker a response and at reasonable costs. DiTomasso & DiTomasso will, investigate and fight the various claims that are made against you; when necessary engaging with your insurance company to make sure that you are provided the coverage you are entitled to. We try to assist in finding the quickest, cost conscious, path to resolution.

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